6 Easy Ways to Feel Motivated when you’re Uninspired

We humans are remarkable rationalizers. Ever thought about the logical reason we give to justify ourselves for the things we need to do but we donÔÇÖt want to. Sometimes we just craft compelling reasons to ÔÇÿnot work ÔÇÿonly to be met with the feelings of guilt or incapacity thus asking ourselves ÔÇô where is my will power? WhatÔÇÖs wrong with me? Where is that guts? Or just blame others if we are able to justify to ourselves our unwillingness to do something.
Do we lack something or need something? I donÔÇÖt think that sounds very productive. A better way to resolve this issue is to create that something within ourselves.

So now if you get no inspiration around you and still if the work is to be done then we have no choice but to get that motivation within to do it there and then. LetÔÇÖs see how I can get you there in 6 ways to feel motivated.


1. Self-talk

When youÔÇÖre starting a work and your focus completely goes haywire just talk to yourself and take just few second to do that. What is making me not do the work? Acknowledge that resistance and try to resolve it.


2. Reboot your brain

Best way to do that is to take a walk or just meditate silently for 10 minutes. All of these activities are restorative for the body and the mind; they ease brain fatigue and help find your focus and energy.


3. Gift yourself a break

Set a timer of an hour, 2 hours whichever is good for you. Go get up stretch yourself. Have a small talk with your partner or parents or play with your pet or just enjoy your favourite show but make sure itÔÇÖs a little short one.


4. Inspiring space to work

Fill in your work station with quotes or thoughts that inspires you or the people you follow or look up to. The physical space plays a very important role in in influencing our energy so try to create a space which makes your mood positive. Put that music that pumps you up.


5. Focus on process rather than result

Break you projects into small, actionable steps and then try to achieve it one by one. Forget about climbing mountain that will just again put you to be a dreamer.


“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day- in and day ÔÇô out”


6. Expect the hard days

There will be some days when things will not go as per plan but thatÔÇÖs ok to expect. A bad day or running out of steam, feeling down or confused, unmotivated, tired. These all are expected things just try to plan how you will overcome these. In my opinion the best way to overcome is to do for some time what youÔÇÖre feeling but just for some time and then start again.

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