Best Chrome Extensions for Music Downloads & Listening

Sometimes we don’t have the patience to search for websites or login to portals to search and then listen or download songs that we want, especially while working. Since I remember a few times while searching for a few awesome games on chrome store, I found a lot of music based extensions as well. So I decided to shortlist the best chrome extensions for music lovers, which they may use to download or stream music without even typing anything on the address bar of the browser. So basically these extensions give you a personalized and a quick way to jump directly to Music and the songs you like.

Here are the few of the best chrome extensions for music to download, share and listen, which I personally prefer and am sharing with you guys right now.

1. is one of the most popular online music streaming services, and the extension integrates the player with your Chrome browser. Listen to music via, pause, repeat, skip and shuffle using the pop-up.

last fm arunace

2. FVD Downloader

It’s a browser plugin that allows you to download video and audio files from almost any page for further viewing on your computer.

fast video downlaoder arunace

3. Earbits Radio

Listen to free online radio with no ads or commercials. Discover the best new music and stream it from all over the world.

earbits arunace

4. Flair Player

This is very simple music player in which you can search your music, easiest is searching by artist.

flair player arunace

5. Red FM

Listen to the live radio.

red fm arunace

6. YOUZEEK Free Music

Create playlists, browse your friend’s music collection and Share music with friends, these are just a few features. You can also import your own MP3 files from DropBox or SkyDrive.

youzeek free music arunace

7. Play Music

Listen and watch the newest music videos without creating a profile. Discover new music and share music hits with your friends.

play music arunace

8. Instant Music

If you are behind the trend or too tired of looking for the music you want, Instant Music is the right music player for you.

instant music arunace

9. Jiggyape

You can find millions of songs from all over the world. Search for music and play them in your playlist, its free and easy.

jiggyape arunace

10. SoundCloud Download Finder

Easily find downloadable tracks on SoundCloud. Search for an artist, tracks or whatever you want and download your favorite tracks.

soundcloud arunace

11. Music Plus

Music Plus adds controls, notifications, a mini-player, support, and lyrics to Google Play Music.

music plus arunace

12. Music Bubbles

Music bubbles is a minimal remote which allows you to quickly control Google Music without having to fumble around to find the right tab.

music bubbles arunace

13. Musicality Music Player

A simple extension for a number of online web players which provides playback controls.

musicality arunace

14. MyMusicCloud

MyMusicCloud is the only cloud service dedicated to music that lets you play your music on every computer, phone, tablet and connected TV, online and offline.

my music cloud arunace

15. Music Notation Training

Notation Training is simple tool that helps you to improve your music sheet reading skills.

music nation arunace

If you know any other chrome extensions for music related stuff like downloading, saving, sharing and more… please don’t forget to comment and share the links. Thank you.

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