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Awesome Inspirational Quotes

You all must have seen those posters with the inspirational quotes or sayings or a few lines which are meant to really get your hopes up or cheer you up

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Dogs are Dogs

I do not know why people have come to associate the word bitch with abuse and dogs with, well dogs! For all that I can associate these animals is with

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They warned you not to talk to strangers

They warned you not to talk to strangers but… This one is for the innumerable & not-thanked-enough strangers we have or will meet during our lifetime. Strangely and sadly these

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Designs of a Higher Order

Why is it that we look at a total stranger for the first time, and get attracted or repulsed? A glance does it. Why do we happen to glance longer

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People who really matter

  It’s so simple yet so enlightening, just a few words and a couple of questions but really shows you what is more important in life. I love the way

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Most Common Birthday Date

  Well I was just getting bored and I just started to type something in google and it started to suggest me something related to birthdays and then after a

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Cool List of Funny Geeky Quotes

As promised before … here is the next installment of the previous blog posts Awesome Quotes For Geeks And I know how cool the quotes on the previous blog were…

geek quotes - arunace

Awesome Quotes for Geeks

There can be many many ways to describe as to what a Geek means … but I think everyone know what geek means when people like us use it in

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30 Tips of how to be Happy at your work

Featured Img Credit: You know… more pay cuts, layoffs, higher workload, no bonus, no appraisal, no jobs, fear of losing you job etc. etc. really takes a toll on

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Fear of Flying – Tips & Facts

Fear of flying is not a new thing in this world, what I mean to say is that even before man built the aeroplane or anything related to it, he

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Durga Ma’s 108 names & its meaning

Just wanted to wish everyone a very very Happy and Prosperous Durga Puja this year and for the years to come 🙂 I hope Ma Durga blesses us all with