Google Mars

Almost everyone has heard of Google Earth and who ever has seen it or used it has been a fan of it since then 🙂

It was something which was never before seen, where general public could see all of the world with just a few clicks and a few mouse moves. Google Earth gave people a new perspective, literally 😛
Now since I would like to introduce …actually not me… Google would like to introduce to you another awesome thing in the same genre of coolness 🙂 Google Mars.
Yeah you heard it right… not there is one more thing which Google came up with … and it’s not for seeing our mother Earth… it’s to see Mars 🙂

You have the basic features of zooming or scrolling the map or changing the scale of the view etc.

There are a few ways to modify the view of the landscape of Planet Mars
– Elevation
– Visible
– Infrared

And if you want to focus on certain specific areas or parts of the surface of Mars, which you can pin point using a different filter option (shows on the left-top corner of the screen, beside the logo)
– Regions
– Mountains
– Plains
– Spacecraft
– Canyons
– Ridges
– Stories
– Dunes
– Craters

And one of the best parts of this is that you can also view this in 3D 🙂 Google Earth – Mars in 3D


Google Mars Screenshot
Google Mars Normal View Screenshot


Google Mars Visible View Screenshot
Google Mars Visible View Screenshot


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