In this modern age of information, one of the major challenges faced by parents includes how to make their children learn new things as there are plenty of things around to distract them from studying like TV games and what not. Here are some points mentioned below which would guide parents on how to assist their children in studying at home:


1. Be patient and persevere more

From our observation, what we have seen is that parents often find time to sit with their kids after coming home from work due to several reasons. But with a little patience coupled with perseverance would do the trick to motivate your child to do more as far as learning is concerned. This could be done by taking care of simple things related to their health like diet, sleep and exercise and daily routine which is connected to their learning ability as tired learners would not be able to proceed further.


2. Engage their curiosity

In most cases, students are pestered with monotonous questions like what happened at school today which usually gets the answer in the form of nothing. It would be better to ask them about what they read which caught their attention and the interesting topics which they wrote in class for the day like Flora and Fauna. In this manner, parents could nurture student’s curiosity in the best possible manner which would develop their learning abilities.


3. Reduce TV viewing to some extent

One of the major distractions faced by students is watching television for entertainment for long hours. Care should be taken to not watch TV during dinner and devote the time for discussions on various aspects of learning. Allow the children to express their concerns on challenges faced while learning new subjects.


4. Facilitate reading at home

For students wishing to let what they learn to sink in, it would be helpful to have books at home along with membership being taken in a public library that would help to augment the learning process of children. The children would be motivated to learn more if parents would read one chapter for them which would help to carry forward the momentum for children in the coming years while they mature.


5. Encourage children to write

It would be beneficial for children’s future if they are allowed to write on things that fascinate them the most as parents would be able to recognize the innate talents on various subjects like Math and aspirations of children at the early age. Writing also assists the children to express themselves in a structural manner.
The points mentioned above would help parents to guide children in the right direction on the latter’s path to learning as the process for the same is a never ending one and crucial for the development of children’s character.