How to check if Windows 7 is genuine or not ?

You are having a desktop which runs with Windows 7 operating system and you are afraid whether you have installed an original or pirated version of the OS. If you have downloaded a copy of the windows 7 image from a torrent site or it was installed by a 3rd party, you might not be sure whether the Windows 7 is genuine or not.

Windows Activation will combine the hardware configuration with your product key to ensure that copy of Windows you are using, it genuine and is not used by more than one computer as per License terms of Microsoft Software. Generally you must activate windows just once when you are first installing your operating system. Whenever you are trying to get updates from Microsoft, your copy of Windows will be validated. There are various ways to ensure that your windows 7 operating system is genuine version or not.


Windows Activation Dialog Box:

The easiest way to validate whether your copy of Windows 7 is genuine is by choosing start menu and typing ÔÇ£activate Windows 7ÔÇØ in your search box. This will open the Windows Activation dialog which will say whether your copy of OS is genuine or not. If you have
installed an original copy of Windows 7 from the manufacturer, you will receive a message that ÔÇ£Activation was SuccessfulÔÇØ from the dialog box.
On the right hand side of dialog box, there will be logo of Microsoft Genuine Software. Only if it shows your copy is genuine, you will be eligible to download all latest updates and hot fixes from Microsoft website. Also you can receive support in case of any issues with your operating system.


Validating Online:

Another method to find out whether you have genuine copy of Windows 7 is making use of online validation tool available in Microsoft website. Whenever you try to download any updates or patches from Microsoft website, your copy of windows will be validated whether itÔÇÖs genuine, before accepting any download.
windows 7 arunaceYou can download the plug-in for validating independently or you can try to validate online using below link,
After going to link, download the validation tool (Genuinecheck.exe) available in the website. Once you download the tool and run it, a validation code will be generated by the tool. Copy the validation code and paste in the field available in the validation link. Once you click Validate, the link will show whether your copy is genuine or not.
After ensuring itÔÇÖs genuine, you will be allowed to download updates from Microsoft.


Checking through Control Panel:

Another way to ensure Windows 7 is genuine is through Control panel. Go to start and choose Control Panel from start menu. Choose System and Security and select System option. When you scroll down to bottom, you will observe a section named Windows activation, that states ÔÇ£Windows is ActivatedÔÇØ and provides a product ID. If your windows is not genuine, it will ask you to activate windows and product ID will not be displayed. This can also be viewed, when you right-click My Computer and choose properties from the menu.



Hence, if you have bought your Windows 7 from eBay or 3rd party dealer, you should ensure that your copy is genuine in order to download further updates from Microsoft. If itÔÇÖs a counterfeit version, you will not be able to receive any latest updates and important functions will get blocked. So, make sure you buy genuine Microsoft Software to enjoy unlimited access.

3 thoughts on “How to check if Windows 7 is genuine or not ?”

  1. In late July 2010 I installed my Ebay purchase of full retail Windows 7 Pro. Activated it did all your suggestions and checks. No problems. Had regular updates. Used for 2 1/2 years believing original, I still have the retail box. Microsoft Product Key system stinks! When you activate, you assume your key gets saved for your computer and that you would be warned right away if not genuine. IT DOES NOT! Mircosoft will do NOTHING to protect that Product Key when you first put it in!!! Yesterday I installed a replacement internal 750 zip drive and software that required download of .NET Framwork 4.0, After that I got a black screen background on my desktop and the words: Windows 7 Build 7601 This copy of Windows is not genuine. Down in the lower right hand corner. At first error code 0XCOO4C003, then after reboot this morning error code 0XC004F200. On a Microsoft forum I was told it is pirate software. WHAT, I HAVE BEEN USING IT FOR 2 1/2 years of regular activated updates…AND NOW IT’S PIRATED SOFTWARE! What a joke and a Microsoft Sham. This Retail Version fits all the MS cautions they warn you to watch for from the wrapper to the inside Product Key. MS accepted the last 2 1/2 years…and now it don’t. The tech on the MS 7 Forum even pulled my complant. Apparantly they don’t want people to know that they will pull this on them even after accepting the activation product key for 2 1/2 years.

    • NDboots – Well that is a very detailed feedback on that topic… but I haven’t seen any such issues till now… but to be honest … I would actually agree to you that even I am not much of a fan of Microsoft and their product keys criteria… doesn’t work properly and all of the customers… with legit or illegal copies face all kinds of problems… one being your’s as well.

      Well can’t really say much when it comes to Windows… so we gotta live with it 🙂

      Thank for sharing your experience … it helps me understand a little better of this situation 🙂

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    So I bought it, Which is working well.


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