Well since i have already written a small blog about the list of the best HTML5 games of 2011 but a few of the people who read it said it wasn’t doing justice to a lot of games that I have left out and a few of them said that the list was old … so just to bring back the smile on their faces when they here HTML5 Games… I decided to make a new list of the best HTML5 games I found with the latest and the most fun and also most diverse kind of games I could find 🙂

So I hope most of the people would like this list and enjoy the awesome games made with this new technology HTML5. So this list includes 40 of the coolest games I liked out of an enormous pool to choose from, I hope i did justice this time 🙂

Have fun… and do send me feedback about the list or any other things you would like to point out 🙂


1. Zombie Typomaniac


2. Pirates Love Daisies

3. Agent 8 Ball



4. Orbium


5. Zombie Drop


6. Fortix


7. Onslaught Arena


8. Stunt Squirrels


9. Castle Capers


10. Infinite Mario


11. Creatures & Castles


12. Sinuous


13. Solitaire


14. 3Bored


15. Twitch


16. Entanglement


17. SandTrap



18. Biolab Disaster


19. Chain Reaction


20. Angry Birds



21. Infiltration at Dusk


22. Bombada


23. Bubble Trouble


24. BlinkWang


25. RunField


26. Berts Breakdown


27. Warp


28. Coco Loco


29. Crystal Galaxy


30. Super Mario Kart


31. Bounceit


32. Google Pacman


33. Torus


34. Blobby Volley


35. Asteroids


36. Canvas Rider


37. Space War


38. Tankworld – AirStrike


39. Bombsville


40. HTML5 Helicopter