Play Horsey Races

Here is a really cute little game to keep you tied up for a while. Have fun 🙂

What’s the game about:
Play an addicting pony racing challenge game! Choose your horse and enter into matches against other jockeys. Use skill to jump hurdles, collect shining stars and avoid the slowing skulls. How many rounds will you qualify for? Have fun!

How to play:
Collect the stars to increase the horse speed and press the left mouse button to jump over the hurdles! Avoid touching the skulls by mouse and hurdles by horse!

You must finish on the first place to qualify for the next race!
– game is saved after each level so you can continue later!
– avoid touching mainly hurdles that takes you a lot of energy!
– stars are giving you not only energy but also score points! Collect as many stars as you can!
– dont forget to choose one of the 3 horses in the main menu!
– press retry button to start again the current race!
– score depends on your speed and number of collected stars!
– do not forget to submit your score (top left corner between the levels)

If by any chance the game doesn’t load properly on this page or doesn’t fit into the blog post window correctly…Please click on this link [ Horsey Races ] to open up a bigger window


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