Here is a few shortlisted Database Migration Software or tools that I had used in one of my projects to make it easy for me to move a huge Database from one platform to another and also to keep the probability of making any mistakes as less as possible through these.

1. Dbconvert

  1. Supports major databases like Access, SQL, Foxpro, Mysql, Postgresql, Excel, SQLite, firebird, Oracle and more.
  2. Has 2 diff basic services , one to synchronize data between 2 diff types of databases like for example mysql or access , and the second one is to convert the structure and the data of one database into the other
  3. Offers free trial first and the registration costs $79
  4. Supports multi languages and many other imp features as well
  5. They also provide DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL is an efficient and helpful PHP Web Form Creator


  1. Supports oracle , Informix, Microsoft sql server, teradata, IBM DB2, progress , mysql, HP neoview, postgresql, netezza , Sybase
  2. Offers free trial first and then we can buy it for around $995 to $4000 based on the version and edition

3. Data Loader

  1. Supports mysql, MS sql server, oracle, MS access, foxpro, excel, csv and delimited text files
  2. Offers trial edition and then we can buy it for around $69 to $300