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How to Watch American Netflix from Anywhere

Let’s face it, sometimes shows on Netflix are only available for specific countries. If you have come across this dilemma, you know that it is extremely annoying. However, for those

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Ryan Farish’s, Life in Stereo – Album Review

Ryan Farish is an American electronic artist, producer and DJ based in California. He is a Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist, but even then quite a lot of people have never really heard

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Most Amazing Animal Movies Ever

I love animals and I can’t get enough of the amazing animal movies which are made based on some of these fantastic cretaures 🙂 Since I have seen a lot

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List of the Funniest Indian Ads

I love the creativity and the ideas of the people who come up with the most funniest and intelligent advertisements on television. Since there are so many that I can’t