Top 20 Short Horror Films on YouTube

I love to watch scary horror films but since now a days I don’t get that much time off work, I rarely get time to watch a movie of 2 – 3 hours. So I don’t know how I missed it till now, but now I realized that there are quite a few short horror films available on YouTube. So after a few days I got addicted to them and I have almost seen all of them till now.

And now I decided to share a list with a few of the most awesome spine chilling short horror films that should tickle your funny bones… hehe… you know what I mean :P. I am sure a lot of people won’t even blink and say… this is not scary enough… or this video is not even horror, it’s more like a thriller with loud sounds …and stuff like that… but I would still stick by the list I compiled and I am sure you guys would like at least a few of them ๐Ÿ™‚

So let’s not waste a lot of time, and grab your popcorn or a pillow to hide your faces… and let’s start off our marathon of… around 2 hours… which is not much I know… and that is the best part ๐Ÿ™‚

So enjoy my friends !!!

| Viewer Discretion is Advised |

1. Knock

A film about things that go bump bump bump in the night.
Channel: cowmasterStudios

2. Don’t Answer

Trrrrinnngg Trrrrinnngg !!!
Channel: Deniz Gร‚kkan

3. Amy’s Torch

Not safe for children! (that’s what the video description said)
Channel: mark leecock

4. Film Riot

“I don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.”
Channel: Revision3

5. Siri

Steve Jobs should see this… LOL
Channel: Rooster Teeth

6. Lights Out

Lights ON after watching this 0_0
Channel: SatanArts X.

7. Daywalt Horror

Terror always follows the phone call in the middle of the night…
Channel: Drew Daywalt

8. The Dummy

The Dummy” is a 1982 student film picked up by HBO, TMC, and Showtime in the early days of cable TV.
Channel: Film School Online!

9. Alexia

How serious and fatal an obsession over somebody can really be ?
Channel: andres borghi

10. Cam Closer

A short horror film about a camera phone.
Channel: ponysmasher

11. Porcelain Rising

A menacing porcelain doll comes to life at night to terrorize a young girl, in need of her human body as a gateway to live again.
Channel: Rachel Tatham

12. Hostel

HOSTEL a short movie made by students of FTI INDIA based on a true incidence.

13. Cold Blood (18+ horror)

WARNING he will get you! Don’t get scared now.
Channel: steshining

14. Jeff the killer

Return of the infamous Zodiac killer.
Channel: EnterViral

15. Fear of the Living Dead

An intense and gore-filled tale that zombie and horror film lovers will enjoy.
Channel: VishusFilms

16. Alone

Always when alone, lock front and always keep car keys close.
Channel: damaine radcliff

17. Skypemare

Something terrible happens to one of them when 2 best friends are skype chatting, leaving the other one helpless to watch in horror what happens on the screen.
Channel: whereistherockhammer

18. Fathom (Thriller) Slender Man)

Thriller Short Film based on the internet phenomenon known as Slender Man.
Channel: Gearmark.TV

19. 2AM: The Smiling Man

Inspired by a true story as told on reddit by /u/blue_tidal. Here’s the original thread
Channel: Michael Evans

20. Red Balloon

“I’ll leave the door open so you have a little bit of light”.
Channel: DeLaFuenteYGuarinos

If you have more awesome short horror movies to share or suggest, please do share the link below in the comments.

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