Top 20 Indian Matrimonial Sites 2020 | Best Matrimony Sites in India

Indian Matrimonial Sites, help us in making one of the most important decisions in our lives, “who to marry ?” Many of my friends here in India are looking to get married or just got married, I just thought I would check out some of the most visited or reliable Indian Matrimonial Sites being used.

Since marriage is really a big deal in anyone’s life, I thought to write something about the way how our technology, mainly the Internet helps us in finding our life partners, and that too without going around travelling to different places (even though I personally would prefer that πŸ˜›) but still … it’s easier to just go through the list of the best match found by just clicking a few buttons and answering a few questions.

I know a lot of people, would find this online-match-making approach a little too risky… but who are we kidding… marriage is always a risky business, even if you know a person πŸ™‚ These sites just give us a lot more range to find someone who you can try and spend your life with πŸ˜€

Well I thought it would obviously be easier to just to come to this blog and check out the latest list of updated matrimonial sites and choose the one which you think is more suitable for your searching criteria.



Launched in 1997
Search based on religion, language, age, height, marital status, location, education, lifestyle, if they have children or not, photos available, who’s currently online, astrology and for special cases as well. You can also have saved searches for multiple permutations and combinations to waste less time in searching for different kinds of people.
They have paid membership as well which obviously gives you more open options, direct contacts and more privileges and also some extra customer support for certain things. features I found useful:
– Live chat with registered members
– 24 x 7 customer support

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Launched in 2000
Search criteria are pretty much similar in all the big sites like the above mentioned and the immediate ones listed below, with few minor plus and minus in filter options.
Like BharatMatrimony has a separate section called “Elite Matrimony” just for the affluent class or in our words filthy rich people to find their best match online.
I don’t know how come the rich people don’t find the perfect gals or guys they would like to marry πŸ˜› hehe
And another specific portal called “Assisted Matrimony” which is like personalized match making services.
They also have paid membership which provides more facilities and features. Pretty all the sites have this paid thing going on. features I found useful:
– Free App for Android, Windows and IOS Platforms
– Live chat with registered members
– 24 x 7 customer support

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Launched in 1999
Pretty much the same criteria as mentioned above in Shaadi & BharatMatrimony, but based on my observation they also allow “occupation” as a basic search filter. features I found useful:
– Free App for Android Devices
– Live chat with registered members
– 24 x 7 customer support

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Launched in 2006
Same options here as well community, religion, mother tongue, age, country and more to filter out who you would like to consider.
But they do have a specific portal for just the NRIs, NRI Matrimonial – SimplyMarry features I found useful:
– Free App for Android Devices
– Live chat with registered members
– 24 x 7 chat support

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Launched in 2009
Everything is pretty much the same as features and options, just that it’s mainly for people who have been divorced once or even more. features I found useful:
– Free App for Android Devices
– Live chat with registered members
– 24 x 7 Help

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Launched in 2009
It is more like a directory for around 350 exclusive community sites. The list is so long that you have the option of choosing through dropdowns and also alphabetically arranged tab navigation. features I found useful:
– Free App for Android Devices
– 24 x 7 Customer Support





Launched in 2007
Well this site is actually similar to Divorcee Matrimony, for those people who wanna get married the second time. features I found useful:
– 24 x 7 Live Chat

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Launched in 1997
All the same kind of full fledged options, but these options are only available if you register first (free) and then you are able to do all kinds of filtered search and stuff.
They also have membership option, which is only available when you are already a registered member and want to upgrade. features I found useful:
– Live chat with registered members
– 24 x 7 Online Help





Launched in 2002
This site claims to be absolutely free with all the best features and support in comparison to all the premium sites online. It does have a premium plan but couldn’t access it unless registered. Pretty much the same options to filter and find like caste, community, professions, religion etc. features I found useful:
– Live chat with registered members
– 24 x 7 Online Help





Launched in 1998
All the basic features available with list of partner sites and specific community portal links also displayed in the footer for more precise options.
They also provide a wedding directory which lists all kinds of services like caterers, beauty parlours, florists, fireworks etc. features I found useful:
– Live chat with registered members
– 24 x 7 Online Help

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Launched in 2014
Now this site is very specific to the South Indian community. They have partnered with Sun Tv as well and also provide their own magazine. features I found useful:
– Customer Care Number
– Offline Magazines which offers details about the candidates listed on the site

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Launched in 2001
Well pretty much the usual filters and options with just the specifically laid out “other matrimony categories” which has differently-abled, divorcee, manglik and NRI matrimonies.
They also have some kind of promotional offer for the users to get some premium membership plan for FREE. features I found useful:
– Customer Care available through a contact number

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Launched in 2002
This is one of those sites which believes in “partners should not come with a price tag”, so this site is absolutely FREE overall with all the basic features of any premium matrimonial site. features I found useful:
– Email Customer Support

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Launched in 2008
Well I didn’t find any additional search features or lists which weren’t already seen, so I would just put this one as one more option for bride or groom hunting. features I found useful:
– Live chat with registered members
– Phone Customer Support

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Launched in 2005
Pretty filled up homepage with all kinds of searching options and direct links to communities, religion based options, country and location based tags and much more.
But nothing unusually exclusive for this site, except the feature for the user where they can upload a video profile as well. features I found useful:
– Live chat with registered members
– Phone Customer Support
– Video Profile Option as well

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Launched in 2000
Same spread of filters and options for communities, locations, country, age, occupation, religion etc. But a couple of extra features which may have missed in other sites until now, but I did see it here, are… “employed in”, as in the company the person is working for and also “district (location)” which I thought is available on most of the sites, but I wasn’t able to find it as easily as I saw it in this one. features I found useful:
– Live chat with registered members
– 24 x 7 Customer Support
– Free mobile app for Android and IOS

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Launched in 2011
This site claims to provide free photo upload, free horoscope, free message and more… which is actually pretty basic features in most of them.
But even thought I don’t like to pick on anyone’s work, but this site does have a lot of spelling / grammer mistakes all across the site, which doesn’t really give the best image.
Still even after pointing out that, it seems to be pretty okay as an option for someone not happy with the above options already mentioned. features I found useful:
– Phone Customer Support

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Launched in 2009
Almost every feature on this is available for free, so you can list this one as a total FREE matrimony site as well.
All contact details, chat, messaging, emailing, and expressing interest are all free features on this site. I did try out the exclusively mentioned “photo search” which for me didn’t work properly πŸ™ Maybe it was some browser support issue with chrome and the site, never mind. features I found useful:
– Photo Search
– Phone Customer Support

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Launched in 2008
This is the number 1 Christian Matrimony service provider as it is mentioned on the site. Very specific search options and features given for the Christian community. features I found useful:
– Chat / Phone Customer Support

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Launched in 2004
I loved one page which they have provided for the basic user, it’s the Community List Page which listed out almost all kinds of search combinations that should be there, as direct links which can be clicked to just see the final result. Pretty good. And overall the site is like any other good matrimonial site. features I found useful:
– Dedicated page with all possible search criteria pre-defined

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Well I did list out a lot of Matrimonial Sites which weren’t exactly the best … but who knows… when these not-so-famous sites as well can help make someone’s life.
So since I am saying this… I am also mentioning a few more sites which I thought were not as great as the ones you can see above… but still can be mentioned in the blog for their effort and existence to provide even more freedom for the general user to find their other half for life πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi Aman,

    Thanx for letting us know about this site, looks clean and updated with regards to usability and design but since we just updated this blog we wouldn’t make any changes as of now… but will re-assess our list again after a while and then I am sure we can consider to add this one as well πŸ˜€
    Thanx again.

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  7. hi ,why is it that the anglo-indian community marriage matrimonial is not found on any of your websites, I would love to hear from you and if you have a genuine and honest anglo-indian martimonal website, please let me know.

  8. Really a nice article you have written there covered each and every aspects of Matrimonial site in India, btw one which I like the most is Bharat Matrimony. I have also heard that the owner found his better half using his own matrimony site. btw, I have also compared some of the matrimony sites in India at

  9. Well all the popular sites like, etc. have a separate section for anglo-Indians as well to find the match they are looking for. To be honest I haven’t researched on this topic for a long while so I can’t really be confident in suggesting a site for you … but based on the general search I made…found this which specifically says it is for anglo-indian people… and there were more but I didn’t find them authentic enough to share here.
    If you have found any site like that please do share with us in the comments.
    Thank you and Best of Luck !!!

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  15. Hi Please list which is Niche matrimony site for the ethnic Marathi (Maharashtrian) Christians

  16. There are all top matrimonial websites and bharatmatrimony. I don’t have experience about other sites, there is too many matrimonial website in India is one them with advance privacy and security assurance like photo/gallery protection, phone verification and others.

  17. With my experience .. I guess Video Shaadi is the best .
    They have videos of members, you can watch videos before contacting them or shortlisting them, this is the future of matrimonial sites in India, you can visit :

  18. Very true πŸ™‚
    I will take this advice and hopefully work on this blog soon, if I get time πŸ™

    Thanks for taking out time to visit my blog.

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