Off The Edge

Since it was a weekend and after a long time I got the chance of relaxing at my home with some wandering thoughts going through my mind so I decided to express it in some possible form of a few rhyming lines, a poem to be proper :P. So I hope you guys like or maybe even appreciate it… and maybe some of you can even relate to it to some extent 🙂

Sometimes I even think of taking up an online creative writing class so as to improve my sense of expressing my thoughts through words a little better 🙂

Enjoy and have a lovely day.

As I lie on the green grass
and stare at the warming sun,
as I lie on the muddy earth
and look at the weightless sky
I feel grateful and thank you God
for letting me jump and die.

Standing at the corner
though I had my doubts,
you were the one who spoke clear
through the noise and the crowd.

You said,

I’d be free from unwanted voices
from a world of useless dreams,
free from emotionless faces
from the people and their screams,

free from forced expectations
from unreal concepts of reality,
free from dizzying amount of hopes
from ugly descriptions of beauty.

It was impossible to believe you then
but I tried to, as I walked,
now this is where I’av landed
feeling glad to have dropped !

This place is no heaven
and this place is no hell,
it’s just another earth
full of pearls sans their shell.

I see beauty in true sense
for here it isn’t refined,
subtly present everywhere
all of it is mine.
As I lie on the voluptuous wind
and stare at the nothingness,
As I lie on its waters
and look at the ocean bed,
I feel grateful and thank you GOD
for letting me jump off the edge !

off the edge

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