Whether you want to create a cover for social networks, a poster, a flyer, an invitation or create collages of various types or retouch a photo, edit images, you will get a lot of help from this tool that I will share here, with minimal knowledge of design and photo editing. FotoJet, a web tool that provides numerous online resources and tools for graphic design, photo collage and photo editing. Types of designs, collages and photo editing operations that can be made with FotoJet. It is divided into three sections:

1. Create a Design (Graphic Designer)

This can be used to create various kinds of designs from professionally-designed templates: flyers, posters, invitations, magazine covers, covers for social networking (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube), image posts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, e-mail header, etc.
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See Graphic Designer Feature

2. Make a Collage (Collage Maker)

This is where you can assemble images in a creative way. Templates include grids, creative collages, 3D collages, comics, frames, holiday photo cards, etc.
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See Collage Maker Feature

3. Edit a Photo (Photo Editor)

Easily apply editing tasks on your photos for size, effects, rotation, colour adjustment, etc
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See Collage Maker Feature

Pros & Cons of FotoJet

FotoJet is a very useful tool for all those who want to create collages/designs of various styles and sizes or edit images. I used FotoJet for several days, and during its use, we could see both strengths and weaknesses. They will be shown below.

Strengths of FotoJet

  • It is simple and intuitive to use – you will not necessarily need knowledge of photo editing, and also, you will be able to quickly get comfortable with the tool.
  • It lets you save images without being attached FotoJet logo as long as you are eligible to use the resources included.
  • It provides many tools that can make photo editing tasks – you can use it for a lot of purposes.
  • It is available online (accessible through a browser) – no longer needs to install software, moreover, avoid many incompatibilities between software and operating system installed.
  • It is rich in resources of various types – examples: templates, clip art, background patterns, effects, overlays, frames.
  • There is the possibility to upgrade to the premium version – which will allow you to expand the number of available resources, but also the functionality of the application (for example, you could save a design so you can re-edit later).

Weaknesses of FotoJet

  • I can’t send my edited photos to collage tool or graphic tool directly.
  • App runs on Adobe Flash Player.

Summary & Conclusion

FotoJet is a very useful tool for image editing and creating collages/designs. It is an online application designed especially for those who want quick results (possibly without having much knowledge of graphic editing), but FotoJet can be used by a lot of other users, for example, bloggers, vlogger and graphic designers who do not want to be complicit with an advanced graphic editor and also want to benefit from the resources available in FotoJet’s collection.

I recommend FotoJet to all those who want to create collages, designs or edit images with minimal effort. You will get quick results, in a creative, easy and fun way.