Online tools to check HTML5 Outline Algorithm

Since the advent of HTML5 into our daily web development & designing lives, there have been so many ways in which the current standards have been changed to move forward with the dynamic times of new technologies and devices being introduced every moment down the line, and because of that there have been drastic requirements of tools / services to allow us to follow and adapt certain semantics, rules/regulations and standards to match the needs of the new technologies.

Since I have just started to delve my hands into HTML5 and the related APIs & stuff , I have been researching about what are the things that makes it easy for me to write the code with lesser chances of me being wrong or end up with an error in the end. Therefore I found a couple of services which I really think would be amazingly beneficial to a lot of the people who have just started to experience HTML5 🙂

There is something which is called as the ” Outline Algorithm ” which allows you to understand how the sectioning content should be parsed to built a structure of the page or as we normally would say , an outline.

This allows us to have a disciplined and a structured way of defining the page and with that also the content in the page.

Therefore it is necessary for us to get the outline algorithm right for the page you’r going to make, and to confirm if you’r right… you have tools / services provided to check the outline of the page.

So here they are –

h5o – HTML5 outliner

– There is a Google Chrome extension available

– A Bookmarklet for Firefox 3.5 and Opera 10 (I think it works with their latest versions as well)

– Also an option for IE but with some limitations

– Also as an extension to Firebug (but in an early experimental stage for now)

– In form of a file i.e; a Minified JS that is available for anyone to use


HTML 5 Outliner ( )

– an online service which allows you to upload the specific file

Or you can give the URL to an HTML5 webpage on some hosted online server

Or you can just paste the code written in HTML5 standards


HTML5 Outliner ( )

– it allows you to write or paste the HTML5 code to check if it has the right outline algorithm



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