Play PenguinSlice Part 2

Great fun to play this one as well… since a lot of people loved and still love to play Angry Birds… I think they thought of a new game with a lot of similarities but still different when it comes to gameplay.

What’s the game about:

Slicing continues in all new Penguin Slice summer and sky worlds! Accurately cut the tower structures to solve puzzles and rid the troublesome penguins from world of baby Eskimos! Part 2 is loaded with new summertime characters, more challenging puzzles and fun animations!

How to Play: 

Pop the penguins!
– Use your Mouse. Left click & hold to create a slice line. Let go to make the slice.
– Characters die if something falls on them, if they fall over, or are hit from the sides.
– Earn STARS by using less slices ÔÇô the number of slices left to collect 3,2,1 star.
– Collect Presents! for more points.
Remember, good guys (babies) must survive!

If by any chance the game doesn’t load properly on this page or doesn’t fit into the blog post window correctly…Please click on this link [ Penguin Slice 2 ] to open up a bigger window

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