Most Popular Indian Sites in India – 2011

Well I already wrote a small blog just before this about the most popular Global Sites in India of 2011 so with that I decided to write one more small blog just including those websites which are from India and are the most used in India as well.

So here is the list of the Indian websites that have the most traffic from India:


Alexa Traffic Rank: 141
Traffic Rank in IN: 9



Alexa Traffic Rank: 157
Traffic Rank in IN: 10

Alexa Traffic Rank: 307
Traffic Rank in IN: 16


Alexa Traffic Rank: 457
Traffic Rank in IN: 21


Alexa Traffic Rank: 566
Traffic Rank in IN: 26


Alexa Traffic Rank: 472
Traffic Rank in IN: 27


Alexa Traffic Rank: 628
Traffic Rank in IN: 31


Alexa Traffic Rank: 586
Traffic Rank in IN: 33


Alexa Traffic Rank: 645
Traffic Rank in IN: 36


Alexa Traffic Rank: 662
Traffic Rank in IN: 49


Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,297
Traffic Rank in IN: 75


Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,132
Traffic Rank in IN: 80

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5 thoughts on “Most Popular Indian Sites in India – 2011”

  1. Thanks for the info. But i have a question , how relevant alexa ratings are? I have heard many people saying it does not gives correct info. Would like to have help in understanding this.

  2. Well from my point of view even I can’t bet my life on the reliability of the Alexa analytics but since it shows its results of a particular site for the last 3 months, only to judge what is the current ranking or traffic on that site… I think I can rely on it, especially when we are taking in consideration the top most websites on their lists 🙂

  3. I agree with you about the 3 months stats but a site when seen on alexa and google analytics is having huge difference in their traffic details, pageviews etc. Here the bulbs gets out of holder. 🙂

    Nice posting on your blog.

  4. hehe…. well thanx for the update 🙂
    I would surely check it out more closely about this confusion and then get back to you very soon 🙂
    Thanx again 🙂

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