I loved the way you could just have fun while trying to see how fast can you type and now since I have come a long way from those days… I still love to check out typing skills in some new different ways over the web 🙂

I felt that maybe there are some more silly people like me out there who would like to try out these options … so I kind of put together a small list of the best tools / services which provide you with the most calculated accurate results for your different kinds of typing tests 🙂

So I hope you guys try them out and have fun !!! 😀


1. TypingTest.com


2. TypingWeb.com


3. RapidTyping.com


4. TypeRacer.com


5. AlfaTyping.com


6. Learn2Type.com


7. FreeTypingGame.net


8. CalculatorCat.com


9. LearnToType.org


Well since I have listed all of the best online typing test services and tools for your normal typing skills like typing a paragraph in english or something like that, but since I also realised that there is one more type of typing using the same keyboard which is not much common for most of us but still quite important for a lot of us as well 🙂 … and that is the Numbers typing.
So I found this website which allows you to test out your number punching skills using those 10 numerical keys on the keyboard 🙂


10. 10KeyTest.com