15 Best Cross Browser Compatibility Tools

Well I needed to check a website which I was designing for a client in almost all the different platforms and a lot of various browsers as well…so obviously I couldn’t just start installing everything on my machines just to check something once , so i needed some kind of tool to check how the site looked in different browsers and on different operating systems as well… so I found an ample number of applications and services which allowed me to do just that.

Therefore I decided to put up a list and provide a link for them on one page.
So here I hope this helps out a few people and reduces their time of work or maybe just increase their knowledge about these tools. Have fun.

1. Cross browser testing – trial & paid



2. Spoon – free


3. Browser shots – free


4. Browser cam – trial & paid


5. IE Tester (standalone tool) – free & paid


6. Cloud Testing – paid


7. Compuware Gomez – trial & paid


8. Browserling – free


9. Litmus ÔÇô paid


10. Microsoft expression web superview ÔÇô trial & paid


11. Adobe browserlab ÔÇô free & paid


12. Browsera ÔÇô free, trial & paid


13. Browser Photo – paid


14. dotMobi virtual developer lab – free & paid


15. Sauce Labs – free

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