Facebook. Who doesn’t know Facebook? Everyone using a computer would be well aware of its presence and importance (to some extent for most people). But how many of you knew that even for Facebook Navigation there are Keyboard Shortcut Keys to make your life a little more easier and faster 🙂
Well I am quite a Facebook fan myself but even I didn’t know till today that there were shortcut keys specified for Windows Keyboard as well as for a MAC.
So here is the list of all necessary and cool shortcut keys you guys can use to have just a little more fun with the ease of navigating without the use of your mouse sometimes… while on Facebook.

Just to help you out I have posted screenshots with the respective keyboard shortcut key 🙂
Have fun guys!!!

Note: If you are using Mozilla Firefox then add SHIFT before each shortcut like SHIFT + ALT + / for Search
And the shortcuts DO NOT work in IE… like most of the things 😉


L : Facebook Like

Facebook Like Page - Arunace
ALT + / : Facebook Search

Facebook Search - Arunace
ALT + m : Compose a new message

Facebook Compose New Message - Arunace
ALT + 1 : Homepage

Facebook Home - Arunace
ALT + 2 : Your profile

Facebook Profile Page - Arunace
ALT + 3 : Friend requests

Facebook Friend Requests - Arunace
ALT + 4 : Your messages

Facebook Messages - Arunace
ALT + 5 : Notifications

Facebook Notifications - Arunace
ALT + 6 : General Account Settings

Facebook General Account Settings - Arunace
ALT + 7 : Privacy Settings

Facebook Privacy Settings - Arunace
ALT + 8 : Facebook’s Facebook

Facebook's Facebook - Arunace
ALT + 9 : Facebook Terms/Agreement

Facebook Terms & Conditions - Arunace
ALT + 0 : Facebook Help Center

Facebook Help Center - Arunace


Let me know if I have missed out on something or anything that can add to this blog or to the overall site , I am all ears 🙂