PHP is a dream for those who want to learn how to make a website or an application and don’t know much about programming languages… and since PHP is free and has a phenomenal documentation … plus on top of that there are so many frameworks to help you out making it easier to work with and also making it more stable and structured.

Since I kind of like working in PHP a lot … but mostly core PHP … now a days I tried my hands on a couple of MVC structure frameworks for PHP… and found that there are a whole lot of them to work with…so just thought I would make a list of them and maybe someday try out as much as I can to finally find the one that suits my expectations and working criteria.

Hope this list helps a few people out as well… so enjoy and good luck with it 🙂


1. Adroit


2. Akelos


3. ATK


4. AjaxAC


5. Ambivalence


6. BlueShoes


7. cakephp


8. codeigniter


9. Drupal


10. evoCore


11. ezComponents


12. FatFree


13. Flourish


14. Fusebox




16. Kohana


17. Konstruct


18. LightVC


19. Limb


20. Madeam


21. Maintainable


22. mojavi


23. Obullo


24. OpenDelight


25. Pear




27. php on trax


28. phpdevshell


29. phpopenbiz


30. PHPPeanuts


31. Prado


32. Qcodo


33. Recess


34. Seagull


35. Simple PHP framework


36. SolarPHP


37. Studs


38. Symfony


39. Tekuna


40. Vwork


41. wact


42. xAjax


43. Yii


44. Zephyr


45. Zend


46. Zoop