The University Grants Commission, [UGC] is an indistinguishable authority set under the body that formulates, coordinates and maintains the merit and transcendence of higher education in India.

The term ‘university’ cannot be used by an institution until recognized by Central, State or provincial Act. In order to be recognized, an institution has to go through intense inspection procedure by an expert panel designated by the UGC.

Every minute aspect of the functioning of the institution is completely scrutinized and only after the panel is convinced by the functioning, infrastructure, academic quality and the vision of management, it attains to be a ‘university’.

The UGC is very significant in the Indian education system as it strengthens the future of innumerable students by providing a transparent system of education curriculum of the institutions and also future outcomes of it.

The UGC is a very important pillar in maintenance and enhancement of the standards of higher education in India.

All the institutions approved by the UGC follows a common pattern and system of education throughout the country and hence the University will further maintain a uniform pattern of quality deliverance and functions in the education system. The UGC recognized universities with a uniform educational pattern, maintains the standard to maximum possible with well-organized research provisions and knowledgeable lecturers.

Further, there are constant amendments in the UGC forum for the development and innovation in the education system. For instance, recognition of online education and validation of distance education under the UGC act are the two hot topics of discussion waiting to take shape. The UGC keeps a strict check on the mushrooming of institutions with degraded educational standards by regularly updating with a list of fake universities, which is there to see for all.

For example, the KR Mangalam University is one of the best universities which are approved by UGC and has the vast variety, of course, a student can get in one single rooftop. UGC also helps student for educational loans and scholarships. ‘Vidya Lakshmi’ was the first of its kind of portal for students seeking education loan. This portal has been developed by the Department of Finance Service, [Ministry of Finance], Department of Higher Education, [Ministry of Human Resource and Development], and Indian Bank of Associations, [IBA]. Students can view, apply, and track the education loan application to banks anytime, anywhere by accessing the portal.

UGC also approve distance education, as a result of which students get admission in some Top distance MBA colleges in India as well as top distance engineering colleges.

The UGC has the unique distinction of being the only grant-giving agency in the country which has been given basically two responsibilities, that are to provide funds, that of coordination, determination, and maintenance of standards in Higher Educations.

With all its Glory, UGC is a much-needed Constitution for Indian education and this act by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, [MHRD] refined and redefined the paradigm of Higher Education in INDIA.