Does your phone have salt in it ? Kya aapke mobile me namak hai ?

It’s interesting how the modern consumer-based economy is aimed at making you feel constantly inadequate or insecure. You can never be rich enough or smart enough or pretty enough or qualified enough or be good enough for anything.

If you have a two-wheeler, you need a more powerful two-wheeler. If you have the best two-wheeler, then you need to have a car. If you have a small car then you need a bigger car, if you have a big car, then you need an SUV. If you have an SUV, then you need a second car for your spouse LOL or your kids.

If you studied management it is not enough – you need to study engineering. If you studied engineering, it is not enough – you need to study management. If you studied both, sorry, it’s still not good enough – you need to get a certification.

Do you own a house? No? Then buy a small house. Do you have a small house? Not good enough. Buy a bigger house. Do you have a big house? Sorry, its crap until you have Italian fittings or German appliances or Korean electronics.

That reminds me, do you have a flatscreen TV? Yes, how big is it? 54 inches? Rubbish – that’s already obsolete. You need to buy a wall to wall TV as large as a football field.You already have a large screen like that? Does it have HD channels? No? Then it’s a “Dabba” (Hindi for “useless box”) LOL.

Are you a woman? Do you think you have fair skin? No? You should try a fairness skin? Your skin is already fair? How fair? Do you look like XYZ actress? No, of course, you don’t. You are just not fair enough yet. Try ABC fairness cream – it will make your skin so white and fair that people will have to wear sunglasses to look at you.

Ok, you have flawless skin – do you have a pimple on your face? Even one microscopic pimple means you are the ugliest woman on earth. You need 45 different kinds of cream.One to put before you go out, one after you come back from outside. One for Monday, one for Tuesday and there is a separate one for Sundays. One for before you go to sleep – one for after you go to sleep.

Are you a kid? Then you need XYZ candies because they come with a free toy. Then because you are eating so many candies in a day (thanks to 24 hours advertising) you need to use XYZ toothpaste and XYZ toothbrush. Talking about toothbrushes – is your toothbrush too hard? Then you need a soft toothbrush. Are you teeth not getting cleaned enough? Then you need a hard toothbrush. Either way, your teeth are dead lol. It is not enough to have a toothbrush – you need a hexagonal, red coloured, flexible necked, rubber gripped, ISO certified magenta coloured toothbrush which is so large and powerful that it will never even go into your mouth unless you are a hippopotamus.
And now let’s come to toothpaste. Is your toothpaste white? That’s useless – use red. Is your toothpaste red? Useless, you need red with white crystals in it. You already have that? You need green. Once they have sold you all the colours of the rainbow, then comes “does your toothpaste have salt”? It has? Does it have ginger? Yes? Does it have clove? Does it have peppermint? Ha! Sorry, that’s still useless. Here is a toothpaste with its set of 5 toppings just like a Pizza. In case they didn’t get catch hold of you through your teeth, they will come after your GUMS!!! Believe me; you have no escape. Your mouth is a multi-million dollar battlefield.

Are you overweight? Join a weight-loss program. Don’t have time to do a weight-loss program? Ok here are weight loss supplements that you can take at your convenience. Don’t like the taste? Ok here is a whole range of tasty calorie-free foods that you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight.Don’t want to do any of this? Ok, we can do liposuction or surgery and cut out all the fat. You ask them “But will there be side effects?” They answer “Haha. Relax! FAT chance of that was happening”. Now after all the trouble you have lost weight and are slim and trim, now a new nightmare starts. “Are you underweight” – take our food supplements to put on weight. It doesn’t matter whether you are 500 pounds or 5 pounds – you will never be the right weight.

Are you losing hair on your head? Come to our XYZ hair clinic and we will make you into a hairy baboon in 2 months. WE guarantee that you will have so much hair on your head that you will have to outsource your combing operations to a third world country. So you have hair now. You need to choose from 2,500 brands of shampoo to get just the right wash. Your hair can never be black enough or silky enough or brown enough or shiny enough. If you remember the story of the Hair and the Tortoise, the Tortoise always won, and the Hair always lost.

Don’t let me get started on mobile phones. There are 7,000 variations based on screen size, processor, operating system, weight and apps. And the best part is they will all do the same thing.

You are being sold stuff everywhere – on your TV, on your mobile, on the streets, in the newspaper, in your email, in your websites. You see, if you have money, then everybody is out to get it by selling you something for it. “Ok I get it now, I understand the game they are playing,” you say. “I am not going to spend money on useless things – I will keep it safe”. Really? And where is your money at the moment?. “In the bank of course,” you say. LOL. You think the banks are not part of the game? You fell for the oldest trick in the book – you don’t even to get keep your own money. It is ok, really. You can’t break this system as long as you are living in a civilized society. And it doesn’t matter in the end, because its just a game – not to be taken seriously. You are never going to take any of this with you, when you die. Play the game the best you can and then leave when its time. But play it with dignity and pride. Don’t let them brainwash you into believing how stupid and useless you are. That, my friend, is the secret recipe of a consumer based economy – keep everyone insecure.

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