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Well there are times when i just sit down and think about silly things or serious things in life… but honesty….I mostly ponder over what to write on my facebook status message 😛 hehehe… which sounds nice and most importantly comes from my mind or heart … and not just copy pasted from somewhere else.

So you can say that the lines written below are mostly my twitter and facebook status messages which I wrote all on my own. I know some of my friends reading this would be going like ” lying idiot… blah blah….” ( hehe 😛 ) but sorry to dissapoint you guys… I can write a few lines sometimes when I really want to … so here are a few of them just below.

Because I have written these down in my diary where I usually jot down my thoughts… there are respective dates and places where i came up with these thoughts … and I decided to add that too … just to make it a little more interesting in some weird way :P.

I hope it makes sense to your people and maybe you can give me suggestions or maybe you can even try and help me out to improve what i already wrote here 🙂

I would love your views and feedbacks.  Enjoy!


22nd June 2011 – Lucknow
” Till the time comes when you can’t choose to wake up again…┬átry and do things ┬áin life which makes you sleep well with a clear conscience. “

21st June 2011 – Lucknow
” Sometimes life really takes a different line, either you’re the one drawing it or someone else draws it for you. “

15th August 2010 – Lucknow (Indian Independence Day)
” ┬áBe a better person,
   Be a better Citizen,
   Make a better country,
┬á ┬áWish for a better world !!! ┬á┬á”

29th December 2010 – Lucknow
” Love can kill you in more ways than you can imagine, but then… it is only thing which makes you breathe again after being dead for so long. “

8th November 2010 – Lucknow
” I hope each moment that comes to you compensates for the sorrows and sadness that has gone by and give you a chance to be even more happier than you are right now. “

19th March 2009 – Hyderabad
” Sometimes I see the answers… as choices right ahead… which I ironically left behind. “

13th May 2009 – Hyderabad
” Always believe in yourself… but make sure that people are believing in you as well. “

4th July 2009 – Lucknow
” Love everyone with the same energy and need as you do when you have to breathe to live. “

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