The best will not let in the weak
or the entitled

is the most undisputed claim of the present and maybe the future of any field in which merit reign supreme. Plight or monetary donation only give a slight advantage on the basis by which you can enter institutions or any other merit based structures of learning or wisdom. These days learning is mostly about securing a job or even having to procure bragging rights about the number of degrees or certificates one has under their belt.

For example entering the field academia is a choice for the studious and the concentrated any deviation from the established doctrine will be met with scrutiny and ridicule some time at the same time which can be cause of those won’t dispatch such judgement to be considered as a judgemental and rude but what the outsider who can’t see the whole picture likely missed the point of such ridicule as it originates from the lack of focus on the part of the rebuked, let me explain to put it charitable entrants of academia must treat the field of their entry with respect and serenity and should strive to improve their knowledge and not wallow in their acquired knowledge and not cause the everyone ask entrant deem him a simpleton. Writing SRMJEE 2018 may help get into SRM University. The entrant mustn’t feel disheartened as they may try to believe and beliefs are hard to change which can further cement their simpleton status. If you believe that merit and not just deep pockets are needed for the perusal of degrees, then write the SNAP 2018 to get into Symbiosis University.

Such behaviour is seen in its more physical and violent stages in the military where people are looked down upon and treated without respect and called variety of names which can cause humiliation to outright rage in the recipient, the reason for which is to test the applicants spirit which will tested in the field which calls them to act on instinct and do things the remainder of the population will absolutely abhor so hesitation is not welcomed and cowardice will lead to the death of your brothers in arms, therefore, the right thing to do is to suck it in and follow orders. Even colleges sometimes do this in the form of ragging though the actual purpose of which skirts from being character building to naïve denial of the abuse.

So to put it all into perspective all fields have their own entry barriers which may seem daunting but exist to filter the lot of the people who think they are great in their minds and let in the ones who value the traditions of which the fields of academia and research will not be looked down upon by peon of ignorance and laziness the field of education needs adherence to facts and reasons, not believe everything in academia will be considered unchanging, and therefore no need for inquiry on that part which to be honest is quite dishonest to the efficiency of the field of learning.