Well since I have been having problems with my download speed for a few weeks now so I had decided to check my speed with the online tools for an approximate measurement of the download / upload speed on my computer. I had used these tools before as well but not so seriously coz this time I had a genuine problem with the Internet speed so I decided to check for all the online options for testing net speed…so here is the small list of sites and services which I thought are worth mentioning 🙂

I hope this helps out a few frustrated net users like me someday 😛
1. SpeedTest.net


2. TestMySpeed.com


3. InternetSpeedTest.in


4. InternetFrog.com


5. My-SpeedTest.com


6. TestInternetSpeed.org


7. BandwidthPlace.com


8. cnet.com


9. SpeakEasy.net


10. 2wire.com


11. AuditMyPC.com


12. McAfee.com


13. iBeast.com


14. SpeedMatters.org


15. VisualWare.com


16. Broadband.gov