30 Tips of how to be Happy at your work

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You know… more pay cuts, layoffs, higher workload, no bonus, no appraisal, no jobs, fear of losing you job etc. etc. really takes a toll on you sometimes and it makes it really hard to concentrate on your work and do a good job but because these problems are a part of our professional life… you just have to find ways to deal with it the best you can.

So here are some small simple tips to be satisfied or happy at work.

A simple “Good Morning” or a “Good Afternoon” goes a long way. Always make an effort to say “Hi” to the people you walk by while entering the office in the morning or a simple “bubbye” while going home in the evening / night.

Always try and help others in whatever big or small way you can. It helps to bring happiness and appreciation at your work and among the people at your office.

One of the best and the most difficult advice you could get is “Leave your personal worries at home & your professional issues at work” but it surely helps you keep focus and handle situations separately with more conviction and confidence.

Another most important thing is the comfort level of your workspace or the cubicle you work in.┬áMake it your own personal space (not like your own personal living room off course) where you feel the urge to work hard and also keeps you comfy, keep stuff like photographs, small plants, motivational quotes (if you’re into that stuff), posters (not exactly movie posters) etc. which you like or just makes you feel more relaxed.

Don’t gossip, a little info sharing is ok but b**ching about someone or something behind someone’s back is morally and professionally wrong, and could get you into trouble so why take a chance.

Always find a way of finishing off pending work as soon as possible coz it can have a lot of problems, like seeing all those files / paperwork pile up on your desk makes you realise every minute that you have a lot of work to do and then de-motivates you to move forward, even with the current work you’re doing.

Maybe a check-list can help you keep organised and also to keep track of multiple things (even personal) that have to be done. Once you start to cross-off the things from the list … it automatically encourages you to finish of the last couple of things on it as well.

Keep your desk and office space clean, somtimes you’re already frustrated about something related to your work and you can’t the pen or the pendrive… it doesn’t exactly help the situation, especially when the work is extremely urgent and your boss is standing on your head 😛

Try and stay away from people who always complain about most of the things in the workplace or the people around. It just takes time those people get on your nerves or start to get into your head and make you feel the same way at some point of time.

Don’t eat too much at once, especially at work and try having loads of water Well actually this advice goes for all the people working or not… but it does really have a positive affect on your productivity and energy level.

Always take small breaks of 10 mins , move around a little just to divert your mind off the work stress, and relax for a few mins and then come back to your desk feeling a little rejuvenated.

Make an effort of knowning people at work and making friends at work , it always helps and reduces the chances of you feeling depressed and over-worked.

Interact with people which have the same job profile and maybe more experience in the same field your working in, so that you can share your work problems easily and maybe discuss solutions and help each other out sometimes when needed.

Try to avoid conflicts and heated arguments in the office due to some issues or work problems (i know its harder said then done) Take time to figure out a way to compromise on some middle point or go around the situation so that the work gets completed in time and everyone’s satisfied at the end of the day

Keep yourself updated with info about what’s going on in your company or about other departments. Try not to poke your nose into other people’s business …always keep that in mind.

Do things differently.Doing the same thing over and over again can be monotonous and non-productive sometimes… so try out new ways to do the same work while having more fun or taking more interest. And maybe the new approach improves your productivity level as well and keeps you happy doing the same thing which you were doing for the last few years.

Treat yourself at least once a week… like on the weekends , since you work your ass off all week therefore your mind and body needs a break from everything. Find ways to relax yourself. Go out with family or friends, for a movie, or even a manicure 🙂

Have an optimistic perspective , try to look at the things positively, like about your workspace or the company or the people you work with or the work you do. And always keep in mind that everyone has to work hard and sometimes they get runned down at the end of the day but its the good things that allow you to go through all this hardship,
If you stress on the positives, you will make your job much more enjoyable ( I know it sounds philosophical but it is true & I do it too 🙂 )

Take charge of your Professional Development , I know some people have a complaint that their bosses don’t allow them to improve or try out new things and dont even give them the chance to develop their skills … and maybe they are right most of the times… but don’t let that push you down… try and find ways to still go ahead with whatever you wanna learn and improve on.

Stand up for yourself. It’s hard to be happy when you’re being harassed or bullied by the very people you work with and the only options you have is either to keep quiet or simply quit rather than confronting the problem. So don’t let that happen to you.

Don’t make foolish commitments just to show-off or take extra responsibility to impress your boss, and then exert yourself more than you can just to prove that your right. Never a good idea.

Expect change and prepare for it. Always be updated about the economy and the company’s policies, trends, profits/losses etc. which in turn gives rise to some action which will eventually have an affect on your job. Another good option is to always have a backup plan.

Don’t let small fights or quarrels take a toll on you If you ever have a conflict or problems with a colleague … don’t just keep it in and find ways to get back at him/her , instead find ways to resolve it as soon as possible without really throwing knives at each other.

Try to get as much feedback as you can about the work you do or trying to do

Sometimes go to other departments of the company or meet a few people who you don’t know. You’ll feel more comfortable socially, plus knowing more people obviously helps the work flow and making more contacts and connections.

Stretching always helps you to relax the muscles , especially the back and the neck. There are so many simple workplace exercises which helps you to relax and feel more energetic and elongates your working capacity.

Learn and acquire more skills to be more productive. It adds value to you, your work and your perspective about the work you do.

Just make yourself feel lucky that you at least have a job. Since the very job you don’t like somtimes gives the roof over your head and food on your plate and other luxuries of life… so just don’t ignore those necessary details when cursing your job.

If all else fails and you can’t seem to be satisfied then just ask one simple question to your self … ” is this worth it ? Am I happy doing what I do ? ” If you don’t get any good valid answers to this question then maybe you should just think of other options for work and be happy as well.

Last … but definitely not the least advice I have for you is … ” Have Fun..Chill Out & Lighten up “ , ┬áit’s only work.┬áThere are always bad days and good days…don’t worry about it so much … worrying never solves the situation, it only ads pressure.
Be sincere , do whatever you love and do it with all your commitment and conviction 🙂 everything just falls into place.
Have a Lovely day and please do let me know if I have missed out on something or if you have any other great ways to make our workplace and working more happier 🙂 🙂

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