Fear of Flying – Tips & Facts

Fear of flying is not a new thing in this world, what I mean to say is that even before man built the aeroplane or anything related to it, he was afraid of the idea that his feet weren’t going to be on the ground …but then over the years inventions & evolution in technology happened & now we have so many machines & gadgets that fly off the ground and even off water.


But with all the changes and upgrades in technology & machines one thing hasn’t changed is the Fear of flying.


There is quite a lot of percentage of people who are afraid to even set foot on a plane and there are also those who have to take the airways while travelling coz they have no other choice because of some kind of geographical or time limitations… but if they had a choice they would love to have taken a train ride instead or some other source of transportation to reach their destination.


There is also a saying which I here a lot in movies , news or through some surveys that flying is the safest way to travel… well if they say it is… it should be but i can’t confirm it coz i wasn’t the one taking those surveys… but yeah from my personal point of view … I think it’s the same as any other means of transportation… when it comes to risks or safety.


And if we begin to argue the fact which way of travelling is safer then there would be no end to this discussion. And if people still went on to argue over it … then in that case even walking around would seem quite dangerous sometimes coz you can always slip off a banana peal and really hurt yourself… or even going down the stairs of your home would seem like a risky business… so lets ot get into it 🙂


This fear of flying can be a combination of different fears or it can be a very specific fear of some sort like fear of heights (acrophobia), fear of accidents (Dystychiphobia), fear of enclosed spaces or rooms (Claustrophobia), fear of being sick (Nausea) and many many more. These kind of phobias can affect anyone from kids to adults to old-timers… and at any time.


People really feel uneasy when the plane starts to go through some turbulence or if there is some extra noise in the engines or if there is a bad weather outside or something like that and that can really add on to the anxiety or fear and play on people’s minds and sometimes even make them lose control over their actions or health. People show a lot of different symptoms and signs when the fear of flying tries to take over them. They start to feel discomfort or severe gastric problems or extreme sweating or scared of the embarrasment of palpitations or maybe even a nervous breakdown.
Well there are endless ways to describe how a person can feel really really bad while being on a plane when he/she is scared of being in the air.


So let me now move on to the good things, that is how can you reduce such problems.

Here are some useful tips to ease your fears:


– always keep yourself distracted, read a book or listen to some music or watch a movie on your laptop etc.- if you can’t do any of the above then why not just try to sleep… works for a lot of people I know.

– try not to drink alcohol… but some people say you could have a small drink just to relax yourself but I believe it’s a personal choice. And from my point of view doesn’t really help that much .. rather it can exagerate the feeling of anxiety.

– wear lose clothes so that you don’t feel uncomfortable by any chance.

– always carry an extra layer of clothing, sometimes the cabin temperature can be a little too cold for your comfort.

– you always have a “sick bag” in front of your seat just incase you feel like using it, don’t hesitate.

– try to choose the aisle seat… if you feel that the “sick bag” won’t help that much & you need to go to the bathroom.

– Breathe deeply and slowly and try to relax with your eyes closed whenever you feel uneasy.

– always carry an extra water bottle coz it may happen that the cabin crew is busy with the other passengers and you can’t wait for a glass of water.

– There are a lot of ÔÇÿFear of FlyingÔÇÖ courses where they explain the ins & out of flying and what all the different noises and bumps mean.

– one of the best things you can do is to tell the cabin crew about your flying difficulty… don’t be embarrased to tell them. In fact they would make sure to make an extra effort that you feel more comfortable & at ease while you’re on board. And you can be lucky coz if any of them is hot (and most of them are :P) … you’ll get a chance to make them give you all the extra attention you want… whenever you want … till you’re on that plane 😉 hehe


Well I hope you find these points a little helpful and please do let me know your suggestions and thoughts on what you think about fear of flying  and this blog as well.

Have a nice day and enjoy your flight 🙂


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