TABULATE: Ultimate Slim Case for Tablets & Smartphones with multi-viewing angle

Tabulate snaps on to your phone and tablet, instantly making it much more comfortable to use and versatile enough to mount almost anywhere. Choose from wall, hook or stand attachments.


New York, NY. As phones become thinner, bigger and lighter, keeping a hold of them can be tricky even if using a shock proof case. Designed to let you leverage your smartphone or tablets functionalities to your advantage without the worry of dropping it or ending with sore wrists or hands, Tabulate is the perfect companion that lets you carry your device in any environment or activity. Tabulate is extremely convenient in any position and any situation, it allows you to keep everything you need on hand – stylus, pen, headphones, commute tickets, USB drives and much more. Attachments enable you to quickly mount your device on the wall, in your car, on your bike and many places we havenÔÇÖt even thought of yet.


  • Tabulate is a shock absorbent and extremely durable product that has no moving parts and uses no magnets.
  • Customize body color and strap design from 30 different choices. 2 Body colors (Black or White) and 15 different strap colors and designs. You can even download our 3D files and 3D Print our products yourself for your specific needs.



Tabulate is being offered exclusively on Indiegogo where backers have the chance to pre-order one for $15 (Android) or $20 (Apple).


About Tabulate founder

Devansh Shah – studied mechanical engineering at Purdue University, Indiana. Then went on to study Industrial and Product Design in Singapore. Designed speakers, light switches, furniture and tablets over the next four years.

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