There have been so many leaps of innovations made in the field of web development and web technologies.
Who would’ve thought one day we would be able to create cool games just using HTML and JavaScript without the help of any other technology required to run it or support it except a browser ,which almost everyone has now a days and majority of them are all FREE to use and update as soon as something new comes around.

Well while searching for something about HTML5, I kind of wandered off towards what’s going on these days in HTML5, and since games are something which I find extremely interesting and cool, therefore I started trying out all the games based on HTML5 … and as you all would have guessed … I wasted a lot of time just playing games all day instead of working ( I hope my boss doesn’t read this…hehe ) 😛

Since I did devoted a lot of my time to these HTML5 games… so I thought I should just put up a list of a few of them which i really liked 🙂 . So here they are in no particular order –


1. Chain Reaction


2. Biolab Disaster


3. Bubble Trouble


4. Runfield


5. Sand Trap


6. Torus


7. Space War


8. Google Pacman


9. Angry Birds (Would run on Google Chrome only)


10. RGB Invaders


11. Pirates Love Daisies


12. Blinkwang


13. CoverFire


14. HTML5 Helicopter


15. Blobby Volley


16. Canvas Rider


I really like to play / right now.

I would be quite appreciative if anyone has any other games which they like or play … and think it’s very much worth adding to this list … please do let me know 🙂 Thank you so much.

Have fun with these games and do appreciate the awesome work of certain people who have provided us with the chance to experience such creativity and innovation :). Enjoy !!!